Improve "Riders Nearby" list

Once upon a time, the “Riders Nearby” list was good enough. To me, this seems no longer to be the case.

One issue is that it now seems to show riders in the opposite direction. This means the list is constantly updating as riders pass each other. I don’t think this was always the case, was it?

There are at least two ways to improve this:

  1. allow us to (optionally) filter the list so it only shows people riding in the same direction as us
  2. add some sort of indicator (e.g. direction of travel arrow) so it’s easier to see who is up the road ahead, or approaching from behind

(Note, this might be a bug as indicated by Vincent in Innsbruck riders nearby list)

Another problem with “Riders Nearby” (which is exacerbated by the problem above) is that it’s hard to keep track of a friend you’re riding with. It would be very useful to always have them indicated on the list somehow. It might be “pinning” them to the list, or at least an indicator that says “hey, they’re 65m behind you”.