Riders nearby column

Scenario today, tour of New York. We were in a group around 40th position out of 700+. There was a group up the road out of sight but we had the time gap.
Then we encountered riders coming the other way and the riders nearby window was filled with time gaps to people on the other side of the road heading towards us. We had no idea where the next group was. This carried on to the end of the ride/race.
Previous it only displayed time gaps to people going the same direction.
It should be this way for races/rides.
What was the intended benefit for the change?
Do zwift think it has achieved this benefit in practice?

I agree, it makes the “Riders nearby” far less useful. I don’t give a toss about people going the other way.


It also happened to me while riding London today. Is there a setting for this?

what is even better is a toggle have “friends only list” or to select a person or persons and be able to highlight them on the the riders nearby column and it always shows their data until you remove them.


Folks, guess it is just a bug introduced when fixing/implementing other features. Hope will be covered soon as its quite annoying

Bug or not, this behavior is still in place as of today. Very annoying. Zwift, no one wants to see oncoming riders in the “nearby” list… there’s absolutely no purpose for this and obliterates the strategy of trying to catch riders in front of you, or stay in front of riders behind you; or to just generally know who’s around you and give ride-ons.


Had the same experience today. Over a year later. It might seem like a small problem and it is until you need it to work and it just shows you garbage.
I have paid zwift 471 pounds since Jan 2016 and I don’t regret it, but this kind of frustrating crap is everywhere on zwift. Can you just do the basics right please!
No competition, I suspect not for much longer given the circumstances.