"Zwifters nearby" has people coming in the opposite direction. Why?

I’ve seen many feature requests for a filter but this is not that. I’m just wondering if there is there some option somewhere to prevent the list of Zwifters from showing me riders coming in the opposite direction?

To me it seems like a completely pointless thing to show. I’m trying to see how far I am behind the guy in front of me, then suddenly the guy coming in the other direction pops in between us. Then he’s 10 seconds behind me. All in the blink of an eye. The list ends up jumping around so much I can’t figure out where the guy I’m trying to catch is from moment to moment.

What possible use does this serve? It just makes the list useless for me.

There is an active thread on this: Seeing riders coming towards me keep popping up in the Riders Nearby window

I’m going to lock this thread since the other one already has Zwift’s attention and it’s still active.

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