Innsbruck riders nearby list

Have noticed on the Innsbruck course the riders nearby list also shows riders names coming in the opposite direction. I’m sure it doesn’t show this in any other world and only shows those riding in the same direction. Is this a glitch? Is it just me? Or is this how zwift want it done on this course?

I have found the same. I think it would be better if it was changed to be the same as the other worlds.


Yup same. Very disconcerting especially if you start off and then do a U turn. Just about everyone else is going the other way.

I submitted a ticket for this a few days ago.  Since then, I noticed the same behavior coming down from the Radio Tower.  The list had names of people heading up to the Tower, in addition to the names of expected riders (along with me) going back down to the main road.

To the best of my knowledge it’s always shown people coming towards you.  Certainly on the radio tower.

I’m sure it hasn’t, though maybe it always has on the radio tower.

Hey all, this is an error our QA team is aware of and will investigate. Thank you all for the heads up!