Glasgow Nearby Riders list showing riders in both directions

This isn’t a complaint, just something I noticed and wasn’t sure if it was intentional.

Riding in Glasgow proper, the Nearby Riders list shows riders heading in both directions–clockwise and counterclockwise. So you’ll see the names of riders heading in your same direction, along with time gaps. But then you’ll also see the name and gap of a rider heading towards you, and you’ll be able to watch their avatar pass you as you watch their name in the list switch from in front of you to behind you.

I first noticed it when I saw that I was quickly gaining ground on a rider doing 5w/kg while I was doing around 3. Then the rider blew by me in the opposite direction, and it all made sense :smiley:

That’s been (might still be) an issue in various places.

Radio Tower springs to mind.

LOL - I thought that was normal behaviour, I’ve seen it so often.

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I guess I’ve never been in a clear enough state of mind to notice at the Radio Tower :smiley:

Huh. I have never noticed it happening anywhere else. Not doubting you, just saying something about my powers of observation.

That used to happen all the time in the London countryside, not sure if it was ever fixed there.

I’ve seen it many times over the years. Most notably on Tempus Fugit during a TT (possibly other events) and also on the Volcano climb/descent during events.

It is not helpful or sensible.

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