Seeing riders coming towards me keep popping up in the Riders Nearby window

This popped up in the forums a while (2-3 months) and seemed to get fixed but has come back. I did a one-off training session tonight and riders coming towards me filled the Riders Nearby screen and makes for a kind of pointless display when its busy on both sides of the road… Unsure if its the same with a free ride as I have only used Zwift 1 other time in past 20 odd days.

What info can I collect to help diagnose Zwift Support team?


Hey @darth.rider are you able to provide a screenshot of this?

Edit: Was this in Innsbruck? If so this is a bug we are aware of and are currently investigating.

hi @Vincent - It was London and I was doing “The Gorby”. I’m in summer mode here so not jumping on as frequently but next time it happens will grab the screenshot for you.

I was free riding tonight in Watopia and looked for the issue but all was well.


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Thanks for the update! Will check if we had bugged up this issue with London or not.

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i had the issue several days ago while riding in the jungle on watopia. there were only about 20 people on the loop, but i was seeing everyone in both directions on the riders nearby. i thought that had been fixed on a previous update so I surprised to see it again.

I had this in NY last night (Nov 22nd) and I think I had it earlier this week in Watopia too.

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Hi Zwift,
I had this problem in London today.( 24th Nov) I was riding the Greater london loop I think half of the route was fine with only riders showing going my direction the other half was full of on coming riders, which makes the list totally unusable.

Ride On

Hey all, checking in. Are you all still experiencing this? @_Troy @Wes_Coman @Mark_Murawski

I had this happen last night in London (using Apple TV) during a free ride.

absolutely the same happened here now (just finished my ride) … London, free ride - hills, AppleTV. Honestly, this must be a bug as it makes Zwifters Nearby window absolutely useless … one big mess …

I have this all the time when riding to the Radiotower. If I go up, riders coming down already are in the riderslist on the right side of the screen with the timegap going down and after they passed me going up. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Yes I am still having the same problem.

Watopia last night (6th Dec UK) was ok, the Riders Nearby was only showing riders going the same way as me.

Did a race up to the radiotower today. When riders came down while I was going up they showed up in the graphic on the right. No fix.

Huge problem with this in the Fondo today. I had no idea who was actually around me as it literally showed everyone who was “nearby”. Wrong direction, different road, road underneath. People would pop up as riding next to me and then vanish into thin air. It was chaos


Same problem today, couldn’t’t race because rider popped used vanished , suddenly alone than again for a minute other appeared vanished again and so on

I experienced the same problem while riding Surrey Hill today and have seen it on other occassions when riding on other tracks.

Hey @Sven_Fessler which course were you on?


Sven Fessler

Von unterwegs gesendet

I’ve had this on the Greater London Flat course the last few days. It’s nutty when the course is busy.