Seeing riders coming towards me keep popping up in the Riders Nearby window

(Jim Mattson) #21

It happened during Sunday’s Fondo on the Three Sisters course in Watopia. I’ve also noticed it on the road leading into the jungle (between the force field and the jungle circuit intersection) time and time again.

(Ollie Campbell) #22

Same for me, get it sorted for God’s sake. This has been like this too long!! Nice to have the features of the 3.0 companion, but got to get the basics right. Especially if you are putting fees up!

(Roman Kuhn) #23

Zwift HQ: if you want to see the problem just follow a rider going up the Epic KOM to the Radio tower or the Vulcano KOM or AdZ …
This problem has been there forever it is nothing new that came with any updates.

(Jim Mattson) #24

This happened today on my descent from the Innsbruck KOM.

(Vincent) #25

@Roman_Kuhn our QA and dev teams are aware of this and are investigating. Will be keeping everyone updated!

(Will) #26

Morning, I had this issue on the London - Surrey Hills route on 13/11/2018 approx. 19:00 GMT.

(Sven) #27

Same issue last nite – greater London route
nite before – Alpe du Zwift…

Problem exists for a while now :wink:

(Mike Steneker (B&B)) #28

Happy to hear it is understood as an issue and has been seen on multiple courses. When looking at the code in that area is would be great as an “additional” option to be able to filter to just the people I follow or possibly who follow me. That way you know a friend is ahead or behind you by say 20 secs etc,

(S notRocket) #29

Yes - December 28 2018 on NYC route

(Mark Murawski) #30

Yes still happening in multiple worlds. London, Watopia jungle, Alpe, NYC.

(Sven) #31

Yep. Thought was fixed but re-appeared in several worlds again… Any solution in sight? Feedback would be great…

(Justin MV (Ride GG)) #32

Still having this issue myself, in multiple worlds, but especially in London.

(Tomas) #33

Yes,it happens a lot,yesterday in London.

(Christoph Kehrer) #34

Still no update?

(Jason Hanna) #35

Happens to me every ride! Makes the Riders Nearby window useless!

(Alan Westwood) #36

Riders nearby window is pointless anyway, because Zwift is currently far too crowded. It just fills with en endless list of riders between 0 and 1 sec in front and behind as I pass through massive groups. Its just a boring mess at the moment, so I have no idea whether I see this issue or not - its swamped by the rider density.

(Alan Westwood) #37

You’re right Jason, I watched for it today and the Riders Nearby List always includes those coming towards us. Its just that they appear and disappear quite quickly - except a large group came towards me today and swamped the whole list for many seconds. What a piece of nonsense - wish I could remove the List from the screen altogether!

(M D ⚡[BRT]) #38

Why is this still happening months later? Showing riders coming the opposite way makes the list useless…Please fix it!

(Marc) #39

Yes this is still an issue and has been happening to me since the last Zwift update.

(Svenne) #40

It happens all the time with me and doesn’t matter what world. Actually, it happens so many times that it even doesn’t bother me anymore. Lots of listings in Zwift are getting ridiculous 'cos of cheaters. I just do my thing and chat with those who want to. Rest is not of any interest. But i can understand that this is not a nice feature for some.