Seeing riders coming towards me keep popping up in the Riders Nearby window

Hei Zwift tvOS/iOS Team,
since we get no reaction at all from your side

– are you working on this? Is it on the roadmap? Can we expect that to be solved?

Feedback would be really appreciated … from the comments you can’t hide from the feeling that people get more and more frustrated with that problem and are resignatingly turning away in the end…
Not the user experience that we all want, isn’t it?

Cheers Sven

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Is it my imagination, or was this issue silently fixed with the last update?

Good question, Jim - I use the iOS version and haven’t seen this issue since the Guest World update a few days ago :blush:

Me too. Good job. Android zca + win10. If next release include save without exit, i will be almost happy)

Seem to be solved… very happy :grinning:

Guys… it is back again… yesterday eve NYC Central Park loop… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: anyone else the same experience

Ya NYC on Sunday night, rider list was unusable. AdZ on Saturday morning and it worked perfectly.

Same this morning. Certain parts of NYC - not all of it though. Very weird

Thanks for the heads up all, we’re still monitoring this bug!

same for me in Innsbruck last week all the time

This is still happening; Innsbruck just today.

Yes, happened in Innsbruck last night,annoying! still love zwift though😉

Last night: New York - Park Perimeter Loop

yep… same with me! Is there any news when we can expect a solution???

This is still a thing (sometimes). In London in and around the Surrey Hills.

I infrequently think I am seeing it happen still but to honest, not sure if its just my mind playing tricks. Its certainly not constant (per ride) as it was, for me at least.