Riders Nearby Disappeared

(Hiroshi Ishii) #1

Riders Nearby Disappeared

Other rider has become invisible from Riders Nearby.
Only myself displayed.

I create a new account for test. Riders Nearby appeared.
Because the other riders looked , network and software version is not a problem.
It is assumed that the my account has problem.

As a phenomenon in which the other relevant , does not display the information of watt in iPhone.

Please help me.

(Bob Bosters) #2

I experienced the same today, I was riding alone! I did see other riders comments on the screen and the screen on the right said +355 riders?

(Stuart Davis) #3

I get this all the time. According to Zwift via a support ticket it’s possibly related to your network connection, specifically latency between you and their US west coast servers.

(Bob Bosters) #4

In my case it had to do that my Mac did not update to the latest software version. After updating everything is working fine!

(Hiroshi Ishii) #5


Thank you for reply. I updated to the latest software version.

There is not a problem with the account for the test(new create) , the other riders of the comments I think that there is no relationship for this problem.


(Hiroshi Ishii) #6


Thank you for reply. But I think network traffic has no probrem.
Because Riders Nearby appeared with new created account for the test.

I will send support ticket.

Ride On!

(lorenzo gual PACK) #7

any resolution on this matter?

I have the same issue after updating the software. Now on latest version on mac and no riders appearing, maybe 1 or 2 but not the rest.