no riders viaible and rider history activity not updated

(Ian Robins PACK) #1

My Son  (11 year old) logged into his zwift ride account tonight to ride but for some reason no other riders were visible he carried on riding for about 30 minutes.  we saved the ride but for some reason his ride activity history wasn’t updated but a fit file was generated on the pc. later on i log back into his ride log in and riders were visible but his rider score hasn’t been updated from the ride earlier, i know this because i did a screen shot of his paused screen.

please can you tell me why there was no riders visible but mainly how can his ride be added to his rider activity history. i can send you the fit files and the paused screen image if required.

This is not the first ride he has done and i use the same PC for my rides



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Ian,

We can’t add the ride in at the moment as we do not have that functionality built in yet (we are exploring this option, however).

But there are a number of reasons why riders may disappear, but they all stem from a network issue where your computer stops talking to Zwift’s servers. Oftentimes this is a temporary internet hiccup and Zwift makes constant attempts to reconnect. If you ended your ride during this, it would not have uploaded as the connection to our server was interrupted.

This happens even when you have a relatively rock-solid and fast internet connection as well.

If it happens again, just stay logged in to Zwift until the riders come back and your upload should be okay.

(Ian Robins PACK) #3

Hi Eric

Thanks for your feed back. I will keep hold of his fit file just in case. It was annoying as he reached the next achievement, at least we know if it happens again 

(Doug Goglia) #4

I encountered an issue my last ride, on Thursday evening, with no riders visible.  When I first logged on, a list of users on Watopia appeared.  When I started to ride, the menu bar reported me + 685 other riders.  No other riders were visible anywhere on the island though, and no other riders were listed by name.  I confirmed that my PC calendar and clock were properly set, and checked my internet connection.  I even rebooted my PC.  I remained alone.   I’m hoping it was just an Internet-related hiccup and will resolve itself.