Ride does not show in Zwift, but does everywhere else?

Hi there,

First post, apologies if this is in the wrong place but it doesnt actually seem to be a bug, more of a mishap.

So I just finished a 10 mile ride, I have the log file (which for some reason is missing the last half a mile?)

I can even upload it to Strava and it works fine, however, Zwift seems to have no knowledge of the ride at all, no xp points or distance or anything. Is there a way for me to make Zwift “reload” the rides from the log files?

I temporarily lost internet connection as it was saving, which I believe has caused the strange issue.

Any help appreciated,
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I cannot say for certain but I believe that ride is gone from Zwift’s files.
The loss of connection is probably what got you. I know of no way to upload files back to zwift. I know people have, in the past, asked about the possibility of uploading log files and were told it is not possible.

Hi Jimmie,

Thank-you for your response, just seems very strange that Zwift actually has the .fit file stored, yet seems to have no knowledge of it!

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