Interrupted session and lost rides

Hi all,

Say you take part in a group ride. Or workout. Or simply ride alone.

Done with your session, you head toward the exit. Suddenly, Zwift is no longer there, having provided no indication weather the ride was uploaded or not. Heading to your activity feed, you find nothing. Analyzing the logs, it is unclear if it was your computer, the Internet link, or Zwift app that crashed/caused the issue.

It make no difference. Your data is still there ( file. It should be on Zwift’s servers as well.

It is unclear what will happen. Zwift may very well ignore that ride. Or have it partially appear in the feed.

I wish there was some mechanism to handle such (maybe there is, one I am simply unaware of) so that the ride will complete. Crashes and connectivity issues do occur, and it seems unreasonable a single glitch at the end of the ride will nullify a ride.

Surly, technology can solve this issue better.

What do you think?