MAC Ride - Cant see other riders

I rode for the first time yesterday on my Windows device and it was amazing. I installed the swift app on my MAC and its working, but i do not see anyone else on the ride. I see hundreds of people on the screen before, but i’m riding solo once i logged in. Please help

It has been posted before, and I think you had an internet connectivity issue when that happens

I’m also having this issue and it definitely is not an internet connectivity issue. I have not seen anyone, AI or not, on the 3 rides I’ve done. I have tried joining different riders all to no avail. Even the list on the right side of the screen won’t show any riders but myself. Must be some major flaw in the software. Writing a bug report for Zwift.

I have the same issue (not seeing any other riders or AI) running Windows 7 laptop w/ i5 processor. Doubtful it’s an internet connectivity - at least on my end; my phone and TV service are on the same IP pipe and I’m not having any problems. Also, the internet portion has a dedicated 12 mb service. Otherwise my Zwift experience seems to be working fine and I can see the leader board/jersey results when I pass each.

Update on my comment above: I upgraded to a new Windows 8 ‘gaming’ laptop with an i7 processor and a much better graphics card - it fixed my issue of not seeing the other riders or AI Bots. I have the full Zwift experience now - awesome!

The laptop I purchased (link below) was based on a recommendation (but not an endorsement) from a Zwift message guy (Eric C.) on another post on the community message board - see ''Choice for Laptop" in General Discussion.


New Laptop via Amazon (got great ratings):

I’m having the same problem on my Mac. I haven’t seen anyone in my last few rides although the screen indicates there are many other riders in the workout.

I cant ride in right area. for example today richmond day but I can ride in watopia where yesterday area. 


Did you edit your prefs.xml file?