(Adam Tackett) #1

If this has already been posted I apologize.

When a rider is behind within 100 you begin to get the display. If you pass another rider while you have someone closing in, you will see the most recent addition (the rider you just passed). It seems you would only want/need to see the closest rider.

Example: Rider A is 40 m behind and you pass Rider B on the road. Rider B’s distance behind will now overlap Rider A’s distance. Even as Rider B moves to a greater distance behind than Rider A. I think the solve would be to only show the closest rider or stack them across the bottom.

Hard to type the example but I think this makes sense.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Agreed. I think we always intended for it to work this way, but it kinda slipped through the cracks due to it being a lower priority feature than others. It’s on our list now, and I appreciate you bringing it up.