"Pin" rider that you are riding with (favorite) to top of riders nearby list

Can it be done to “pin” a rider you are riding with (set already as favourite in connect app) to ALWAYS appear on the riders “nearby” list - I know this is no longer then nearby…however I ride with my wife who tends to climb much better than me, if I can see how far she is ahead of me I can then chase her down on the downhill / flat - this function could be helpful as well in an event here the organiser / pack leader can be pinned to the top and you can always know are you still in the race or should you just sit back…


I second this.  That would be great feature.  Same scenario for me…  I ride with a buddy and I couldn’t care less about the other 20 people on the list ahead and behind me.  If I get too far ahead of my buddy I have no way of seeing how far back he is or if he gave up.

Keeping a friend sticky on the list of riders on the right side and a visible flag for a friend (or just a different color) on the overall course map in the top right would be a nice addition.  I don’t know exactly what the graphics are called as I just got the software.  Thanks.

I wish i can have all mi team mates pinned up in the list.

Great suggestion.

Just a suggestion. As a long time cyclist and given the efforts that are put out by all also the current phenomena of Heart Problems even for younger athletes.  I wonder if there was some way to institute a 911 message if a rider is in peril and needs some assistance.