Pin robo pacer info

Sometimes when I’m following a pacer while cycling, I either move ahead of it slightly if I’m aiming for a personal record, or behind it if I need to look away briefly to change music or if I take a breath for a couple seconds. Additionally, when I want to practice my own pacing strategies, I usually distance myself from the pacer. Afterward, I try to stay close to the pacer to maintain a consistent effort level and continue earning drops.

However, if the group of riders is large enough, the pacer can disappear from the nearby riders list, and its name and distance indicator at the bottom of the screen may be hidden behind riders who are closer to me. This can make it difficult to quickly determine how far behind or ahead of the pacer I am.

It would be beneficial if the current pacer could be pinned to the top of the nearby riders list, showing its distance and time from me. This would make it easier for me to adjust my effort level if I accidentally fall behind or want to push myself harder for a short period before returning to the group.

It’d be cool if we could choose which pacer to pin, and change it (them, for multiple?) while riding.

i should also like yo see on group rides the leader ( yellow beacon) pinned to the riders list.