Friends have a beacon of light above them

Would it be possible to have friends have a beacon of light (or a badge) above them so it is easier to ride with them in groups and would make them easier to spot on solo rides (like if they are coming towards you).

Something a bit like the leader of a group ride has?


Cool suggestion Richard, thanks for writing in!

This is a great idea and make riding with friend in overcrowded maps so so much easier!

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This is a quick sample of what I mean.

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But your friends are marked on the mini map in top right hand corner.

I don’t like the idea of the beam of light, I may have to many friends and it will make the view look like a 1980’s game. How about something in the rider list.

I don’t have many friends :smile:

Having something in the rider list would be next to useless as in a big group it changes too quick.

As a visually impaired rider, i find it REALLY tough lately to keep track of my friend that I’m riding with. The “beacon” idea is great! Could be same as group leader beacon or perhaps a “star” or something like that. I also like how leader name tag is different colour when they are behind you…makes is super easy to see where your friends are

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Yes Ryan, something like the Group Leader beacon would be great. Could it maybe incorporate the rider’s initials so it would be easy to tell who is who if you have lots of friends?

Maybe a really easy solution would be to only show the black name tags (that they currently use) of your friends. You would then also know how far they are behind you :wink:

Well, over a year since I posted this and still no solution. I really do think this is something that could be done quickly* eg, Friends always have the name tag above their head - maybe a different colour?

It really is fun riding with someone you know and want to stay with, but almost impossible in mass start events and especially when you all end up wearing the same kit!!!

  • I know it is never as easy as someone thinks

Nice feature request. :ride_on:
I always dislike the highlight on the table or the map its to small i want to see friends directly.
Of course better then nothing but highlighting friends via beacon of light would be awesome!!!

I like this idea. Would also help to minimize clutter on the bigger rides

But isn’t the point of a group ride to ride with the group? So does it matter if you know where your friend is, except if he drops off the back, in that case he should let you know and you can go back and ride with him.

It will be nice if our friends names were a different colour or even the Friend Icon.

This request will increase the clutter.


Yes, it may/may not cause clutter. I can see the riders around me by looking at the list to right. Having them also listed with rider badges(?) on screen below the avatar. I think this is clutter IMO. Having just friends names below your avatar will minimize that as groups get larger. Some of my friends may not always be able to text for help it would be good to see if they are staring to struggle.
I try to encourage more friends to use Zwiift and as they may be new to it and not know all its quirks its nice to help encourage but sometimes It’s hard to keep an eye on them in the groups I ride that lately have been in the 300 + range

Having anything in the rider list on the right is next to useless IMO (in mass start events) - can’t you only see 10-12 riders at a time anyway? A friend could move that many places in the time it takes to refresh.

Having them with a green name label (above their head) on all the time would be awesome.
I am sure they could add a ‘Highlight Friends’ on/off button for those with 5k friends :see_no_evil: