Add buddy/special rider indicators

It would be useful to be able to click a rider in the names list, and mark them as special in some way.  It might be “buddy”, or “rider leader” for example.

These would then be shown on a profile indicator along with yourself. This would make it easier for group riders to know if they have got a long way ahead of the ride leader, are behind the tail sweeper etc. 

The indicators would only show for individuals who have set them, of course, since people might select different people.

The indicators could also hover over the avatar on the road.

I’ve illustrated the idea here (bottom left, shows me, sweeper in red and leader in green):

love this recommendation.  Would like to have a way for our cycling club to ID ourselves a bit easier on the course.  Maybe have only selected riders/group show up on the right side of the display.  Thanks Zwift!!!


Great idea.  From an individuals point of view…nice to know when a group are riding…could this option some how be shown when logging in so you don’t start riding in the middle of a race for example. Thank you :slight_smile:

That would be a great enhancement or set of enhancements!

This would have really helped during the ZTR-EB race today.

Or possibly making the leader ‘sticky’ in the rider list, so they are always highlighted and displayed, so you can tell at a glance whether they are ahead or behind, and how far away they are.

See also which is along similar lines.

I often ride with my buddy who is visually impaired and some extra way for him to figure out which rider is me would be awesome! 

Great suggestion! Love the idea of being able to select whoever you want and then have them highlighted. This could be used for selecting the leader in group rides, or just a mate that you want to ride/race with. Also really like the idea of that person becoming ‘sticky’ in the list of nearby riders, so that if they get too many riders ahead or behind then they don’t drop off that list.

Great idea. I’m new to Zwift. Just been about 2 weeks now. I found it difficult to find the leader. Yes, they give you “ride with” the first time we log in. But during the group ride sometimes, some people pushes the pace harder and you lost the group. It would be nice if we can see the leader icon in “red” besides our icon so we know if we are behind or too far ahead. (My eyes were crossed trying to find the leader name). Also, I was suggesting to have second tab on the “near by rider” just for the group ride leader. So we can choose to keep that tab open, instead of seeing other nearby rider tab. And we can click on the leader name during the ride, to put us back next to the leader if we loose the group. This feature should not be available on race situation. (then everyone will cheat :slight_smile:

This can be done by putting additional radio button option, on the profile preferences (in the program), called: “Group Ride Leader”. Once the group leaders check that option, the system should be able to single them out, assign them a highlighted icon (different icon than ours) and put their name on the group ride leader tab. To avoid confusion with other group leaders, there should be a different color assigned to the group leader. So no group leaders will have the same colors. Other wise we’ll confuse which one we should follow. But the "group leader tab’ will help sort it out. And I like the idea of having our name and the leader on that tab (sticky buddy). So you know if he/she is upfront or back if the highlighted icon becomes too crowded.