Ride Leader Locator and Tail Gunner

The new Ride Leader indicator is superb. But how about also allowing a co-leader indicator that can be used in those no drop rides where someone rides at the back to pick up stragglers. I rode today in the SSR ride and the new leader locator indicator was a massive help. But when riders where dropped and I fell back to help them pace back on they struggled to locate me quickly so having the option to have a RED (Tail Gunner) indicator would have been really useful

Hi Kev, 

Great idea! Thank you very much for your suggestion. We’ve got more features coming with the group ride functionality so stay tuned.

In the meantime Ride On! :slight_smile:

Tom just submitted 



May I campaign to add rider Tim Searles as a candidate for leader indicator?  He’s been fantastic at organizing group rides and I believe he is campaigning to become part of the pilot program for this feature.  Let me register a vote in favor of Tim!  

Really enjoying Zwift, been a member for 4 months and it’s made the winter in the US/Northeast go by quickly!  Thanks Zwift!

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