My favorites in a group ride

When I’m doing an organized group ride/race with lots of riders, i.e. greater than 40 or so, other riders names flash on an off above their avatar in some random-to-me algorithm. In a big group, that’s too distracting. Plus, the labels sort of block out the roadway up ahead.

What I’d like to see instead, is any of my favorites and riders that I follow, that happen to be in the group, always having a label above them - because those are the only riders that I really care to know their whereabouts in the group. In a small group of 10 or so, then yes, give others an on screen label, too.

I am new to Zwift and am still in my trial period I tried al large group ride. I already have the exact same comment. I don’t mind seeing the others, but my favourites should always be visible and tagged with their names. Now, as the names seem to be show at random or through some algorithm based on strength or so, I don’t see the names of my favourites. They should always be visible and get priority. This would be a great modification.

Totally agree or a different colour beacon above them so you can see where they are on the mini map

I can see the yellow and red banner on the mini map who close, but would like to see the group leader ( yellow) permanently in the right hand window with their position and ± Time from me.
On large rides they can just be a few seconds fro me but their data a cannot be seen.