CollorTag friends in grouprides/races

Doing my first grouprides with some friends, I often wonder where they are so we can stay near each other. Would it be possible to tag them so you can see them in the screen in the upper right?

You do get an icon indicating if someone you follow is in the rider list, but I agree that this would be handy. I’ve thought before it would be nice to be able to, even temporarily, “mark” a rider in a race as someone you are keeping watch on.

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Request Necromancy! (sorry if there is a more recent thread about this, I looked)

I’ve been trying to get some fríends and relatives into Zwift, with some success, so we can ride ride together.

Given that Zwift has the ability, via Meetups, to have a flag over a rider’s head that is visible only to people in that meetup, it seems like it would be both useful and possible to have the same thing happen in events.

Example: some friends and I are riding Stage 2 of TdZ today, and I want to be able to not lose them in the crowd. If I could stick a flag above their heads, visible only to me (and maybe only possible for followers), it would be a lot easier for me to help corral them all.

A couple of ways to implement this:

  1. be able to create a Meetup within an event. So they’d at least all be able to see the Meetup leader.

  2. allow anyone riding any time to click on a user from the list (maybe only followers) and add a flag over their heads.

Would be nice.