rider roster on group rides should have a separate listing for your favorite riders

the “riders around you” list is great - but there should be a separate list for riders you have favorited – so you can see how near they are – maybe limit it to 3 or 4 of your favorites, or make it scrollable –  That way it would be easier to stay near them.



I was informed the Mobile Link app does this but I would like to see it on my mac-mini console screen also –

This would be great, i like to ride group ride or race with my friends now its hard to see where the are riding. it would be nice to see them on the screen not only in the App.

Or let the favorite riders stand out like the group leader with a special color.

I use the map from ZwiftHacks.com on my 3rd monitor to display the map and it will show all my friends on the map so I can see who is riding and where they are. I have lost this ability because Zwift does not have a opt-in for Zwifthacks yet.

But You can also use Zwift GPS.com it will also show you the map and your friends.