Friends view in rider list

Hi, I’ve seen a few feature requests to help with group rides. Some seem pretty complex to implement. I’ve a request that seems obvious since I’ve started riding the Tour De Zwift (Jan19)

I’d like a simple feature to be able to see my 2 (or maybe 4) closest friends that are riding at the same time in the rider list on the right of the screen. They could appear at the top, for those ahead, and bottom for those behind but would always show me the number of minutes/seconds we are apart. With 2000+ riders on a group ride it’s impossible to find and ride with anyone who’s on your friends list. Even if they ride past you they often don’t even make the rider list as it changes so quickly.

If I could see that my closest friend was 20seconds up the road, that’d be great incentive. Now I just know he’s ahead but give up trying to reach him as he could be minutes away.

Ride on. C

Or perhaps there could be a toggle in the companion app So you as a rider could toggle between the Riders near you list and a friends near you list