Find Friends during ride.


I Love Zwift, it has turned my cycling around.
I Have 5-6 friends whom I regularly Zwift with. However, we often get separated, or can’t find each other in the first place.

Two suggestions I have for this - 1 > enable “Friend Tracking” in a similar way to the way that race leaders have a big spotlight pointing to them.
2> have the ability to turn off all other riders other than friends in the list of nearby riders.


It’s a particular issue when your friend is in a different ‘segment’ to the one you’re in, e.g. you’re on the start/finish and they are down in the underwater tunnels, they won’t appear on your list of friends in the game or in the mobile link app. At the very least if they always appeared in a list on the mobile link app you could choose fan view and see where they are.

But you can search for them in the mobile link, rather than relying on the ‘nearby’ lists. Having said that Fan View doesn’t seem to work for me on an iPad Pro :frowning:

I suggest that friends show at the top of the rider list. Or make ride with friends a separate option. It should be easier to click on a friend and join them on a ride.

I also think it should be easier to stay on the same course with the friend/s you’re riding with. I often get separated at turns and find it difficult to rejoin them. Maybe give control of turns to one rider? Or have a way to instantly rejoin friends?

I’m still trying to figure out if I can create a workout, share it, and ride it with a training buddy?



We have quite a few changes coming out to our ride with friends feature, so stay tuned! 

if you don’t have an ipad, searching through 1800 riders to find a friend is almost impossible

Yes, chevrons over friends would be great

I tried to ride with a friend - they turned left I and I turned right…sucks.


“have the ability to turn off all other riders other than friends in the list of nearby riders” THIS!!  Especially if it is a crowded section, I really don’t want all the names of other riders showing up.  Possibly just have names of who you are riding with show on list.

My friend and I are the same weight and FTP.  We start a workout together (select ride with…). Without exception, during the structured workout, we separate.  One person speeds off.  Can’t find any way to prevent it. Any suggestions?  

There should be a riders nearby and/or a friends list showing their current location / distance from you.  The ability to customize who you see on the riders nearby / HUD would be extremely helpful.  Often times when riding past a group, but not in the group, you’ll lose track of riders as the rider’s nearby list will how 100 people all within 1 second of you.  If you had the ability to see friends in a separate list, or at the top of the list this would go a long way to helping to ride with friends.  Also the ability to move to a friend mid ride would be great.  Sometimes riders get separated mid ride and its hard to go back and find them without closing and reopening the app.

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