Suggest people to ride with

(Dan Dube) #1

zwift has a lot of my “performance” data available, and it also has my current status in any given ride. it seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to give me a list of “similar riders” riding right now, and with a button click, i could go ride with one or more of them.

to make this easier to use, maybe put a marker on their head (like ride leader in a group ride) if i chose to ride with them (one that shows on the map too). a button to “stop riding” with them would be good, too. if it’s weird to just start riding with someone, maybe give the other rider the option to “allow riding”. or maybe have a mode any rider can set that puts them “open to pairing” with other riders.

why would this be a good idea? it should make things more social, and it would take the guesswork out of “who can i ride with”. also, just being able to keep track of another rider or riders would make things easier for any multi-person ride.

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

This is a awesome idea, that way you will start to see the same people with the same ability every day and you will start to make more social connection.