Event Module: Are other riders behind or in front?

(JP Moho ZTR c) #1

Instead of only seeing “+86 other riders” at the bottom of the column of names, it would be nice to have one value above the column (those ahead) and one value below (those behind).

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #2

Maybe some sort of position indicator in races?  I don’t know if it would be ideal for group rides, but what if instead of “+86 other riders” the line said “7th out of 86 riders”?

Naturally this could get really jumpy in a group, so maybe just update it periodically.  When races start to fracture it could be helpful.

(De Mac) #3

Perhaps an indicator of the ride leader position relative to you - as even when you are positioned in close proximity to the leader, they can disappear in the list of fellow riders - this may cause issues in relation to people surging, etc in order to try and stay with the leader they are already alongside.  A simple icon/text stating LEADER +/- Xseconds/metres - no matter where they are - would be handy.  cheers

(Phil Lam - ODZ (C)) #4

Definitely would love to see this, especially useful on courses like London where some of the sections are short and it’s even hard to see how many riders are around you. I did a race today where I was so depressed thinking I was in last place, only to discover at the finish that I was actually somewhere in the middle.