Question about grouprides/races categories

(James Martin) #1

Only done workouts or just ride on zwift so far . So I joined in a race to see how it all worked . The race had A B C D groups so I picked D . 80 somthing riders at 1/ .
So picking group D I thought i would be in with all riders in the same group D but when it started I noticed ABCD all together and most of them shot away off into the distanse at 4w/.kg . So how does it work ? Should I pick a race with just D group?
There is no way I wa sleeping up with them as i can only manage 2 w/kg as i have bad knees at the min .

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

Hi @Tr1gger Welcome to Zwift racing.

Some races do a mass start where all four groups start together , but your position will be based on those in your group D. Other races will start each Cat on its own.

Go to and enroll that way you can keep track of your results and see how you did.

(James Martin) #3

Cheers Gerrie. So when I’m in a race with all groups .how do I know who I’m racing against, who do stay beside ,what about steady in a group until a sprint till the end .or do I just go flat out til the end and see where I finish ? Thanks

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #4

Each rider will have a color with a letter next to his/her name that will indicate what group they are in so if you race in D then you should race the ones with a yellow marker.

(James Martin) #5

Thanks. Much appreciated