How do I join the right race group? Picked D got put in A

Hi all so I have using Zwift for about a year now both the cycling and running features as cross training to my main sport rowing. Love the interaction and friendly competition.
Decided to try a Zwift race last night for first time and picked the D group on the Companion app. I got sent to the warmup area where a countdown started so I took off. Unfortunately I somehow was in the A group and got dusted immediately. Finished the race by myself which was boring. What did I do wrong? How do I get myself in the right group?
My setup:
Road bike w/Kurt Kinetic wheel on trainer with inRide V3 and Wahoo speed and cadence sensors
Samsung S8 running Zwift cast to a smart TV
S6 phone running companion app to interact with game since my main phone is casting
I have no illusions about being in top group for cycling (rowing a different story:-) )
Any help is appreciated

I thank that you just started too fast… too much wattage…and stayed for a while in a A cat group.

In the standings… in what place have you finished? also there it was your Cat placement.

when picking a race category, make sure to click the + next to the category that you want to join.

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I wonder whether there was some confusion between the TDZ ride and TDZ
race cats mixed up? TDZ Group Rides also have cats, but really they should be called “routes” as the cats are distances not rider ability
Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 13.41.22

Not to be confused with what @Gerrie_Delport has just posted above.

You probably know the difference, given your time on Zwift, but just a thought…

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incidentally, ZwiftPower has categorised you as a C rider after your ride today. Congrats on the upgrade!

I did hit the “+” sign next to D. I figured I would start there and work my way up. Finished 18th out of 19th with the only person behind me making the same mistake. I guess just don’t pedal until my group is supposed to start?

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After you signed up for the ride you should see a green check mark next to your category.

No you don’t have to wait, Zwift will have a count down for your group so once it reach Zero you can go.

My guess is you may have clicked A by mistake on closing. Try it again.

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Ok l’ll try that. Does it matter that I am running the Companion app on a different device then the main Zwift app? I probably selected the race in the app on my main phone and then selected the category in the Companion app on my old phone

No I use companion app on my phone but ride Zwift on a PC.

It could happen that you enrolled from both devices and that confused the program. I would suggest using only the companion app to enroll in events.

Yep having the same problem. Left a large description about the issue of start race start groups in the general discussion. I feel the start is clear as mud and needs a little improvement for B,C and D groups.