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Sorry I’m sure this has been asked before but I’m not finding the answer or fix to my issue so apologies in advance.

Ive entered a few Zwift races and every time i select Group D i still end up in either Group B or A. I’m not hiding anything, I’m a very overweight very below average cyclist who in the first 1Km of a group B race yesterday was already by far out the back and finished 9 minutes behind the second last person, i was certain by the C and D group on it.

I want to try get better and enjoy the racing but being dropped every race after seconds is making me hate the platform and myself :frowning:

Any help would be great please and very much thank you

Maybe it’s a glitch, I signed up for a group ride today and I clicked C but it put me in B. I clicked C again and it put me in C. Maybe just reload the tab and try again.
EDIT: What Mike and Gerrie said. :roll_eyes::grin:

I’m sorry you feel that way Conor, I felt the same way, but the thing is-… everyone has their own pace, it doesn’t matter if your in the front or in the back. All that matters is that you finish and your proud that you finished the ride until the end. My dad always told me that you are your own competition. Be proud coz you know you tried your best too.

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Hi @Conor_Murphy, how are you signing up for the races? I suggest using the companion app as it is much better and easier to select the correct category. If you are using the in-game event menu then it can be difficult to select the correct cat.

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Hi @Conor_Murphy

I assume you select the ride/race from the Zwift home page. when selecting that way you can click on the ABCD and sometimes you will hit B instead of C or C instead of D.

The most reliable way to do this is by selecting a ride thru the companion app. do that before opening Zwift.

EDIT: what Mike said. LOL


Hi, thank you for the replies, I’m signing up via the companion app each time. I’m really not sure what is up but never lets me into the D group. Maybe i will try uninstall both the companion app and the actual Zwift app and re-install see if that in anyway fixes it.

Wasn’t sure if it was somehow a Power to weight reading or something that automatically grouped me with different groups but that wouldn’t make sense cause I’m only averaging like 130/140 watts a race and that’s me pushing

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Zwift has no way to group you automatically.

On the off chance… you’re not trying to sign up for Cat D on a Tour de Zwift event, are you? FYI, those are women-only.

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From your Zwiftpower events listing, you have had two events in D and two in B. Good on you for finishing those two in B as most would have chucked it in!! The two races that you entered as Cat D appear to have been a bit more competitive.

I’d suggest that if you dont have any luck with the reinstalls, you contact the folks at support.zwift.com as they might have tools that can help out.

I’d also suggest that when you enter the pen ready to race, check in the top right of the screen (see below) to make sure it shows you in D instead of B. If B, exit the event, and use Companion App to re-join correct event. The Zwift app will immediately ask you to join that event in [hopefully] the correct category. Just make sure you turn up for the race in plenty of time to do that.

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It looks like you’re signing up from the “Upcoming Events” menu on the drop in page in the Zwift app. While signing up for events this way can be super convenient, it’s also the way that’s most likely to accidentally end up in a category other than you intended. I generally recommend signing up using zwift.com/events or the Companion app ahead of time while Zwift is closed, then launching Zwift early enough to get a bit of a warmup before the event starts.

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You can see that from your side Lucas? Good to know if so.