Sent to Wrong Category for Tour de Zwift

My first group ride on Zwift was the Tour de Zwift day 1. My friend and I both signed up for Category D (women’s ride Watopia Volcano route), but from the button in Zwift that says Start Ride, we were sent to the A ride in London.

Is there some setting that we missed re getting into the right category?

Hi @J_Merry welcome to Zwift forums.

That’s very odd. I sent your partial log files to our technical team to review, and it definitely shows your session on Greater London Loop, not Watopia.

Questions for you:

  1. How did you register for that D category ride - in the Companion app, or the TdZ event webpage?
  1. Do you recall when (as in what day / time) you signed up for this D category ride?

If anyone else reading along experienced this too - please chime in with some details of your ride (date & time, which category you selected, the same 2 questions above, etc).

Thanks for your response. I signed up on the Zwift web site on Sunday evening (the day before the event). I was on the phone with my friend and she signed up at the same time, also on the zwift web site. On Monday during the day, I looked at ZwiftPower to see what the program looked like, and saw my entry there for the D event.

I was also sent to the A group ride on Jan 5th after signing up for the C group ride scheduled for 18:03 through the website earlier that day. This was also my first group ride on Zwift. I’m afraid I can’t recall exactly at what time of day I signed up for the C group ride.

Hi @Andy_Moss_NCG welcome!

Thanks for raising your hand too. We were making some configuration changes on January 5 to the TdZ event schedule (staggering the starts for the categories by a few minutes).

Since you both experienced this on Jan 5 rides - it is possible that you may have registered while those changes were being made (I’m guessing here). I’d like to ask if you’d try another stage, and report back that everything went as it should (or not).

If others experienced this glitch - please speak up, especially if happened on a date other than January 5.

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Hi @shooj,

I signed up for and rode the B ‘Standard’ ride last night with no issues. I’ll be riding further stages so I’ll add the details here if I experience any other issues.

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