1st race wrong category

Hi guys, just done my first Wbr 4 lap race, found i was placed in with the cat a racers when i should def been in cat d. Any ideas how inchange this?

Same problem here. I havent rode since last winter, but I  can’t join any race besides an “A” race. If I click on a diff category, B or C, from my mobile zwift app, it just spins. It only gives me the “going” tag if “A” is highlighted. From my mobile link app, I can’t select any other event category. “A” always has the gray check box and I cannot deselect it or hit the orange plus icon next to a different category.

I’ve had the same problem - is this a limitation of the ipad?

I havent tested this in a while, but I couldnt join any race other than an “A” category via the Zwift iPhone app. Everything works fine via the Zwift mobile link iphone app. I had a ticket going with support, but there was no resolution.

I’m using an ipad for zwift. When I want to join an event, its a binary process -join or not join, there is no ability to select a category. What is worse is that zwift has me categorized as an A rider, even though I’ve done an FTP test and should be a C rider. Needless to say, i don’t last long with the A group!

Have you download the Zwift Mobile Link app? The mobile link app is different than the zwift app itself.


I am not a Apple user but from how i understand is you have to hold the little A or click it multiple times to switch between categories. 

When Paul log in he can confirm or help a bit. :) 

Unfortunately on the ipad, the list of events is a small menu up in the right corner of the screen. I’ve tried touching it multiple times but that just seems to allow one to join or un-join an event. Within each event, the race category icons are very small and that may be the limiting factor. Let’s see what Paul has to say when he logs in.



Michael - I use the ipad too.  When you join a race you have to click it multiple times to select the category…so…click it once, it selects A, then click it again and it unjoins you…now click it again and it joins you as a B, then click it again and it unjoins you…keep doing this until the category you want has the White circle around it.  When you join a race it should put you into this group.  It works for me (once I figured it out!)

The best option is to download the Zwift Mobile link (ZML) from the app store and use that to select your races, rides and workouts. 

I do most of my planning the night before from the ZML app

Wow - I would not have thought of doing that. Many thanks for that tip. I’ll try it tonight.