Wrong Cat

I raced a couple of times in the last week. Both times, I added the race name and my category © to my name. Both times, Swift automatically put me in the A category. Even though I am nowhere near strong enough for A, I was disqualified for not wearing a HRM.

What do I have to do to get into the right race category?

I believe that you need to select the correct category for the event.  Looking at an event right now on the mobile app there are 4 choices, A, B, C & D, that you can select to place yourself in the correct category.

Adding the race name and category to your profile won’t place you where you want to be for the event.


Thanks Ray,

On my iPhone, I see one event with four categories, but I don’t see anyway to select a category, unless I need to have teeny tiny fingers. The letters are very small.

Ok, on Android I see this - 

I have this.

Ok, you’re “in-game”.  If you place your mouse cursor over the event category does it light up a bit?  Mine does on Windows.  Meaning that if I put the cursor on the B (green) circle for the KISS Europe Race the B kinda lights up and indicates that it can be selected.



My iPhone does not have a mouse or cursor.  Just a curser (me).

Ah, you’re running it on the phone…

Does the IPhone have the app AND the mobile app?  If so you should be able to correctly choose the category prior to logging in to the app by using the mobile app.

I just use the app.

You may want to try the mobile app for this purpose.

Hi Brian,

Since you are on an iOS device, you’ll click a couple times to select the correct category. For example, if you want to choose category B, you will click the event 3x. If you want to choose category C, you will click the event until it selects C. It’s a bit difficult to see on an iPhone, so it might be more obvious on an iPad. 

As suggested, you may want to join via Zwift Mobile Link. 

Thank you Josie. I’ll try it next time.

As a dedicated user I just want you to know, that is not at all obvious, and I haven’t seen that bit of info anywhere.  Not a deal breaker for me, because I love Swift, but I shouldn’t need two apps, and I shouldn’t have to search for little nuggets of information. If it were easier and more intuitive, it would be more appealing to more people.

I was having this exact same issue on my iPad, good to know how to race in the correct category 

Aaahh…so good to finally to read this finally, I was always put in the “A” CAT, which was a bit frustrating since i’m exactly on the edge between B and C…thanks!

And I really think this information should be much easier to find, I was reading so many threads…