Categories on Zwift tour

I booked in for Cat C on stage 3 of the Zwift tour as this was all I had time for, when I joined it put me in Cat A, which I left and then it put me in Cat B, there didn’t seem to be a way of changing the Cat I wanted to do, I ended up joining Cat B late, this is frustrating! I’m thinking of switching to Bkool as it has Veladrome stages. Is Zwift going to introduce a Velodrome event?

We currently have no plans to add a Velodrome.

The behaviour that you’re seeing sounds like you may have accidentally selected the wrong category? I’m certainly not seeing any widespread issues of people turning up in the wrong pen.

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Pretty certain I selected Cat C as I didn’t have time for the longer rides, Zwift also put me in Cat A then Cat B, there was no option to join Cat C, I guess my question is how do i change Categories when I find myself in the wrong Category, a shame about the velodrome it would be a great addition.

Hi Peter,

To try and help you for the future, here are a couple of questions I have:

  1. Where did you “book in” for Cat C - did you use the Companion app, sign on via the Zwift website, or something else?

  2. At any point did you try signing up for or joining the ride directly from the home screen - the screen where you choose your route and world?

I booked in via the companion app

But I did join from the Home Screen as the pop up asking me to join had still not appeared 2min before the start of the event and the event had started without the option to join Cat C as far as I could tell, it would be helpful if Zwift said which Category you are being asked to join when joining from the Home Screen.

I’ll give myself a bit more time before the event next time, (although I don’t have much of a window time wise).

Thanks for your help and Regards


Thanks Peter,

What device are you using to run Zwift? Is it an iPad, a PC, an Apple TV…?

Hi Peter, to be clear, you don’t join the event start pens from the home screen (list in the upper right). You need to enter one of the available worlds, doesn’t matter which one, and start a ride. Then the join button will appear in the lower left of the screen, and that is where you join the event.

I suspect you signed up for multiple categories. One via the companion app, and a second time from the home screen list in the upper right.

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Hi Peter,

I think Mike’s explanation is right. With the system currently in place, you can’t JOIN an event from the home screen - you have to start a ride in any world and THEN join the event.

Some people try joining an event from the home screen by clicking on the event icon and this can cause problems because it can SIGN YOU OUT of the event. Then, if you keep pressing it, you can easily sign back into the wrong category.

To stop this happening again:

  • Always sign up for an event in advance through Companion, not through the home screen.
  • To join an event, when you see the Zwift home screen, just press “Ride” to start riding in any world, and then click the “join” button which appears on screen when you start your ride.
  • If you ever want to change categories, do this through the Companion app.

I’m running the companion app on an iPhone and the main app on an iPad.
Yes it sounds like that’s what I did, but it was because the pop up didn’t appear. Thanks for your help anyone using the bkool app along side Zwift?


That’ll be it- there is currently no “pop-up” on the home screen - you have to start a ride in any world before seeing it. BUT! Zwift are rolling out a new home screen, which should fix this very soon:

I sometimes look at different platforms but haven’t tried Bkool yet; I can’t see it having anything like the social aspect of Zwift.