Zwift Category

Hi all please can someone help I’m def in the wrong Zwift Category which is currently A but my FTP is 250 which is 2.5/3w per kg.

Can out change this? 

I would try C or B level. C gravitates toward that w/kg. B will still be very difficult but will challenge you to get in shape quicker.

Ride On!

When you join a race you select the category, A, B, C or D, by hitting on of the little buttons within the race selection.  You may not be aware of the individual buttons and be hitting the A button.  Or the race selection may put you in the A group if no button is selected.  In any event, just hit the group button when you join the race.   (It took me a few tries to figure this out.)


Do these ‘category’ buttons exist on the mobile app?  I use an iPad for Zwift, and have never seen this option.  I am a D rider, and have been regularly thrown into the A category for events.

I think on the I pad you need to press the button multiple times to select the category.

It is a lot easier with the Zwift companion app, you can even set reminders and filters.



I use the App on the iPad - I just tried again - I didn’t realize those were actually buttons.  I see now how they work.  The difficulty is that they are tiny, and the D button is so close to the edge it is near impossible to select.  A on the other hand is no problem ;o)

Any chance there’s a fix or remedy coming (like a pop up)?  Otherwise I will need to select an event 10 minutes early so that I can attempt to activate the D button the 20-30 times it takes me to actually get into the right category.



Download the companion app as well it will make your life a lot easier. With the companion app you can plan and select your event days in advance. 


On a side note you should always log in 10 to 20 min before the event. I will be logged on a hour before a important race start.



Game changer! Thank you.

No longer will I have to suffer the crushing beat downs from starting with the A riders.