Category issue

Since my first day using zwift I have been given a category A and my FTP is 229 and average of 2.5 w/k and should be C , how could I change that , I am tired of racing with 3.5 to 4 w/k .

Are you using Zwiftpower? 

Set up Zwiftpower to Cat. C and enroll in Cat. C events Pierre?

Thanks Paul , now I understand , on my small IPAD screen I didn’t notice that I was  able to select my level when login in events, so by default I was always a level A .

I will now enjoy competing with my level of racer.


Ride On !!

Hi Pierre, you also can use the Zwift Mobile Link app to sign up for events ahead of time.  The category separation for races is even more evident in ZML.  Simply click the orange/white plus for your desired category.  When you start Zwift, you’ll be prompted to join the event a few minutes before the event starts.