My category has jumped from C to A? Why!

Hi, a few weeks ago I was in a race and suddenly my power output of Zwift dash went through the roof, even though I was using the same effort. It’s auto changed my FTP and when I rode last night it felt so easy, somethings changed somehow but not sure how? I manually adjusted my FTP back down to 260 but that’s not worked. I used to be in category C and now see this on the events

Can anyone suggest anything please? TIA

Hi @Nick_Harper1

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It sounds like that spike in power may have messed with your power curve, and your category placement. Reach out to our support team and we can work with you to see what happened. Mention ZwiftPower to the chat bot and it should get you to where you can contact someone by email. Explain the situation, and if you can, let our support know the day and activity in question so that we can take a look quicker.

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You can’t adjust the zFTP value used for category enforcement, but you can email and explain what happened and they may be able to fix it for you.

Can you say more about the trainer you’re using? It would be annoying to have the problem happen again and end up repeating this situation after it gets fixed.