Category wrong due to power meter erro

My category is wrong as a result of a calibration error with my Stages Power Meter that ran for a while. When I reset it, it was clear my correct category was C which is where I race (middle of the pack). How can I get my category re-set to C so I don’t get UPG when racing at the appropriate level?

Looks like you will drop back to C in a day or two anyway as the the only ride that puts you into B at the moment is 89 days ago (my maths might be out by a day due to my post-ride refreshment) - its the Speedclub race on 14 Oct (kiwi time) where your 95% of 20min is 3.61wkg.

To request a change, email the justification to along with your Zwiftpower ID, Zwift ID. Dont post that data here.

It will be a close call as to whether you drop to C naturally before Zwiftpower team get a chance to action!