Zwift Power Category change

Hey there,

I have started a new season of Zwifting now that the weather forces me inside and have started doing some of the races. I am nowhere near the same shape I was in this time last year. I noticed I am now defaulting to Cat. A in the races. How do I change this? I am closer to C at the moment and maybe by season’s end will be in A. 



Are you using Zwiftpower Tim?

Hi Paul. Yes I have been using Zwift power since I started. I don’t understand why I was put in the Cat. A. I don’t see an option to change the Cat either. Perhaps I should reduce my FTP

I think Zwiftpower has been going through some changes recently, I notice most of my results and cats are not what they were just a few weeks ago.

I would suggest dropping your FTP in Zwiftpower and enter races in ‘C’ cat on Zwift to see what happens.

I think I may need to do this myself too, my Zwiftpower history is all over the place with most of my best finishes (top 3’s in Cat) missing or changed. <sigh>

pardon my ignorance, but dont you choose your category when you join a race by clicking on the respective category letter?

No ignorance there Shydn. Could be just as simple as that. Imay have mistakenly clicked on the wrong letter. I will try it today. Thanks for the suggestion.
I will let you all know.

It worked! Wish my legs did.