Zwiftpower - Downgraded from Cat B to Cat E

For a few weeks now, I have been classified in Category B on Zwiftpower for cycling. However, since I am not at Category B level for running, I was generally classified in Category E a few days ago. What are the consequences of this? Will I now always or never be DQ’d? Can the tracking of running performance be suppressed?

Please click on the refresh profile button beneath your name on your profile page.

Thanks.This has worked, and now I am classified as Category C. However, my poor running performance skews my ‘strength’ in cycling races. Wouldn’t it be better to make one of the power sources (cycling/running) switchable?

Your running performance doesn’t have anything to do with your cycling categorisation.

Running is not categorised in Zwiftpower.

I guess you are Cat C now because Zwiftpower now uses Zwifts Category Enforcement calculation and no longer the 20min FTP. You’ll find further information on this forum thread.

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But all run events of ‘Tour of Watopia 2023’ are listed as ride events (Filter: rides), so i think they are also used for the calculation.

The new Cat enforcement system just relies on your best output at various time intervals (eg. 5, 8, 12, 20 minutes) within the past 60 days. Since you have cycling events where these wkgs are all higher than your running events, it wouldn’t matter. There’s no averaging supposedly in calculating Cat.

If you look at your fitness data on and click on the “more info” link, it will show you the dates of the PRs used by category enforcement. You’ll probably be able to figure out if any of the PRs come from runs (which I would not expect).

It just seems that Zwift ought to have a public service announcement message area that all users see when logging in.
Instead of telling me to lube my chain or asking “what’s in my bottle”, I think saying refresh profile or other important messages would help avoid confusion.
Just my 2 cents.


This is kinda odd. Filtering to just “run” though keeps just the runs, but both ToW rides and runs show under filtered “rides”. Hopefully just a ZP thing and not hitting the CE engine @James_Zwift ?

In theory I believe the answer should be that you will never be DQ’d under a CE race setup in the future. The link at the bottom provides recent information from Zwift but relevant wording shown below.

“By default, events in ZwiftPower will no longer Upgrade or DQ riders based on their category or W/Kg limits. This is because we plan to use Category Enforcement in the majority of events going forward”


I notice you don’t race much but see that you unfortunately received a UPG on Rapha Rising 2023 and 2022. From what I can see in the thread linked below Rapha Rising was not ideally configured and there are possibly plans to improve the ride/race configuration next year.


Just now I finished Stage 5 without holding back and giving it my all, and now I’m back in Category B.


You are right. Although I don’t participate in races, I see the different categories as personal goals to achieve.