Rapha Rising [2023]

Sounds like the setup of this event is a great potential trap for riders who hate being dropped, potentially exposing their real ability, which will then be picked up by the CE system.

I don’t follow you? Please explain.

Some riders are joining pens for this event below their real ability and set off at their real ability. While other riders desperately try and keep up with the leading group, putting out a power performance not revealed before. After the race, the zFTP of the chasers may increase enough to promote them to a higher pen in the Category Enforcement pen system.

Riders who do a great performance and improve their power numbers have earned the upgrade. If they have that power on tap then I don’t have a problem with it. But like Gerrie I have no plans to enter this event again unless the format changes. I’d rather do almost any other ride, including solo zone 2. It’s always a bit disappointing to finish a race (if you can even call it that) and find out that dozens of riders in front of you were out of category. The B riders who crushed the C event could have just started with B, ridden C pace and been caught by the Cs before the climb if that’s the group they wanted to be with.

Ok. I get that. But it doesn’t make sense for these hill climb type events. For a good portion of the race you will be riding by yourself. So why not just join the cat you should be in. Even if you are a B rider who wants to chill at 3.0 w/kg in a C race it really changes the dynamics for 2.63 w/kg C’s like me. If that front group of 50 has 30 B’s. When you hit a short 4 degree hill and you all instinctively push to 5 w/kg, I get dropped.
Unlike my son, I know I will get dropped at the climb anyway, sticking with the pack is mainly to save energy and keep a decent speed until I get to the climb.
I plan on doing the last two, simply for the training and trying to get the tron bike anyway. Why not do the climbs with a few other people.

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This is mainly due to the GC that is also running for these events. I’ve already chatted it though with the owner of the project and we’ll use category enforcement next year as it didn’t make sense to change things halfway through.

Agreed on event type.


The problem however is attendances when you make it a race, you would have a lot of people not entering because of the mantra associated with racing. So I guess I’m on the fence and would be happy with it being a “ride” with category enforcement enabled and no DQs in ZP.

CE and ZP should never ever ever be used together.

A ride with CE sounds good.

What makes the current configuration wrong is that there is 4 categories to enter. If it was just a ride then one category would be fine.

If there were more “rides” (that are really quasi races) with CE… this opens up the possibility of neutral start lead-outs by a designated ‘leader’ running a fence for a bit at the beginning… just throwing this out there :slight_smile:

I like all-cat mass starts for one-off events like the monthly fondos. But for a multi-stage event with a GC competition, CE seems like the best compromise. Getting rid of the cats altogether would obviously put the GC out of reach for all but the A riders.

I wanted to race and did all three stages as category B. I was category B at first stage, i was category B at second stage. However, i was upgraded to A after second stage. I wanted to be counted to GC so i figured i have to race stage three at B category. Wrong, i was UPG’d.

So, my question, what should`ve i done when i was upgraded to category A after second stage? If i did stage three as a A, my stage 1 and 2 would have not counted. Blown away and dont understand how come categories been changed during three legged race.

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I don’t think there’s a solution to this problem unless the event were organized differently

It’s been tried already.

I can move your B results into A so you can see how you did over the course of the series - it’s not perfect because of the structure of the events but it’s the best option.

There is no way to manage mid series upgrades in ZP. I always recommend that if you think it’s likely to cat up from the outset.

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Please do, thank you James :+1:

I’ve updated your 3 events to A - should show on your profile in about 10 minutes.

Your position in the GC will update when I next update the standings later on.

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Hello, this is my first event on Zwift. I wanted to participate to the Rapha Rising but I think I’m wrong. I did the first two steps by going directly to the Zwift application and launching them when I was available. But today I wanted to do stage 3 and I see that the map of Mont Ventoux is no more, it has been replaced by London and Richmond.
So I find that it lacks clarity for newcomers. Wouldn’t it be possible to register directly on Zwift and not through external sites? I don’t understand.
Thanks in advance for your help.

hi @Adrien_SEULIN

Welcome to the forum .

You can register for the event on the Companion app and from the Zwift home screen.

Thank you for your feedback. I just looked on the application and nothing appears about the challenge. But on the app I was able to register for the 7pm start. So I will have to launch directly from the application Zwift Companion?

The Zwift App only shows events in the next 60 minutes, so if the event starts in two hours it won’t show, then you have to use the Companion app.