Entering a race

Can someone please explain in detail the procedure for entering a race on zwift.

What sort of detail are you looking for?

  1. do a FTP test to determine in which group you should ride.

  2. use your FTP devided by your weight to get your w/kg.

  3. now you know if you should ride in A,B,C or D

  4. in the companion app you can find the race and select the group you need to race.

  5. warmup in Zwift

  6. Left bottom of the screen will say join event, you can click that or wait for it to put you in the start pen (± 5 min before the race)

  7. with 10sec to go start pedaling as fast as you can.

  8. Race and have fun.

  9. results is on zwiftpower.com

This is a quick description, Let me know where you need more info.


i haven’t used zwift since last winter, but i remember when i did a race, i could see every rider online, and it made it really hard to tell who i was racing against. have they improved this? ideally during a race i wouldn’t see any other riders but fellow racers (like in real life) thanks!

Also sign up here and add the website as a connection to Zwift like you would Garmin or Strava. This is where all the results are seen


I’ve joined 2 races. One B, then one C, both were way way faster than the w/kg advertised.

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The races in each category have a differently colored icon indications which race category they registered. This helps you keep track of the other riders in your category. However, you have to use your own judgement as to whether that other D cat rider you are trying dearly to hang with at 3.8 w/kg is really a D cat rider. Fortunately ZwiftPower will sort out those riding out of their proper cat.

Thx for reply, I do not get a join icon on left of screen or one saying your event is about to start or even automatically transported to start line

@Neil_Evans: How did you sign up for the race, did you use the Zwift companion app

@josh_flanagan; that is something that race organizers have to select. But most races you wil only see those in the race.

@tour_tour: this will always be the case until Zwift make a tool or formula to auto select racers into each group.

Yes used zwift companion app. Is it correct that you must enter 15 minutes before start of race .?

@Neil_Evans: I don’t know what the min time is to enter a race from the Companion app, I do it the night before. When it is close to start time (ie I did not plan to race) then I would join from the strart screen.