Newbie Question-Joining a Race

How do I join a race from the companion app? I’ve been signing up for races and can never join because I haven’t figured out how. I’ve joined directly from the Zwift app but that puts me in Category A where I don’t belong. Thanks for the help!

Open the companion app, go to events, find your race, click on the race, read the race description, scroll down to find your category and click the orange button (+) .

Open the zwift app and ride about 10 min before the race, you will see a join now button on the bottom left of your screen

Thank you for your reply. I’ve been doing exactly as you state above by slicking on the orange + button in my companion app. I show as signed up for the event but join now button hasn’t been coming up for me. It did the first time I tried it but never since. I have been confirming that I was indeed entered into an event after I miss the start due to no prompt and it will always show that I signed up. I’ll keep playing around with it using the steps you mention and link and hopefully it will start working. Thank you again for your reply. I truly appreciate you taking the time to guide this rookie through it!!

If you have selected your ride in the Companion app. Open the zwift App and look on the startup screen, on the right it will show up ■■■■■■■ rides and it should show that you enrolled to the ride on that window.

One more thing: when riding Zwift open the companion app and see if it goes to the Map view, I am thinking that you may be signed in with two different accounts. This is a long shot but worth a try.