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New to Zwift, when I press the + to join a race it says “going” in green and then nothing happens, how do I get to the start line of the race??



Hi @Will_Carass, welcome to the forums!

You will need to spawn into one of the available worlds, any that are available it doesn’t matter which one, once you are on the road a “Join” button will appear in the lower left side of the screen. This button should show up at least 20 - 30 minutes before the start of the event or race. Eventually, if you don’t press the join button it will attempt to automatically join you with about 6 minutes to go before the start.

Have fun!

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Thank for the quick response, so just to get this right… I join a race by hitting the + and then it will say “going”, then just join one the worlds for a cycle and the join button should be in the bottom left corner?

Thanks Mike

That’s correct. Remember if it’s a race with different cat ratings to choose one that matches your ability.

If you go too low you could be disqualified.
Go too high and you’ll have a near death experience trying to keep up.

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Yup, most people use the companion app to join events (not sure if you are referring to the companion app or the list of events in the game). The companion app is easier to use, filter events, see all the details, routes, etc…

Yes have been using the companion app but haven’t been able to get into a race yet, so will try what you say and hope the “join” button shows up!

Thanks Mike👌

Ha, thanks Stuart, will try avoid the near death experiences but truly don’t know what level I’m at yet so will try a D and see why happens :ok_hand: Appreciate the advice.