Zwift doesn't ask me to join race?

why is is that zwift doesn’t ask me to join a race even after I’ve selected it?

Im warming up on the bike waiting for the “Join race?” Popup but it never shows and I naturally miss the race.

How come?

Same problem here. No idea how to join a ride/race after registering.

Which way you try to register on a race? I recall that i had same issue when registered via ZCA. Through desktop app all works well.

Just experienced the same. Signed for a race but was never called. Race started without me. I signed for another that was in 15 minutes and no luck again.
Here is a screenshot - starts in 3 minutes, no “join” button.

Guess you should press “ride” button, then “join” button should appear. Never seen “join” button on the screen you attached

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This happended to me too yesterday, joined TDZ stage 2 yesterday, via the desktop app, was online riding 5 mins before the event and never recieved call to join so missed the event! :frowning_face:

I had the same exact issue.

Can you give us a bit more detail.

How did you join:
When did you join (ie how long before the start)
How log did you ride before the event was supposed to start.
Did you see the reminder on the companion app while warming up?

Did you see the “join Event” (see below) while warming up?

This occurred again. It’s not always happening, I joined Team Gladiators and TDZ Stage 3 all fine.

But this evening, I registered to join Stage 4, on the desktop, 10mins before start. I joined then started a ride. But never got the call to start.

I’ve missed 2 stages now because of this bug. Doubt I’ll bother will anymore #grumpy

Same here 2 days ago:

I joined via the Companion App setting an alert message to 30mins before the event start.
My Game screen looked the same as shown in Maksim’s post above with the event I had joined marked with the “GOING” tab in the Upcoming Events Box in the upper right corner.

Neither I got the alert (should have fired off 30mins before the start) nor did I see the “Join Event” button while I was warming up 10m minutes before the event start. Sadly, I missed it then… :frowning_face:

same happened to me today, entered zwift 1600 ride, at 15.45 i entered zwift with companion connected and showing ev3nt entry and “going”

I stayed in default NY but was never offered the zwift richmond ride. had to restart zwift and missed race start, but could join late.

Ok, it turned out the issue was caused by the firewall settings of my internet router. I did search for special firewall settings/rules required for Zwift to function correctly and found this thread:

And voila, after adjusting my firewall settings accordingly everything works fine now :grinning:
While most firewalls by default allow standard http and https ports, i.e., TCP/80 and TCP/443, the high ports required by Zwift (TCP/21587 and UDP/3022) are typically blocked. Allowing those solved the problem.

Btw, I was also wondering that I was always riding alone with no other riders visible in the game when riding in training mode. Since I am fairly new to Zwift I thought this was normal and I would only see other riders on the road when joining events. Opening those ports mentioned above did solve this issue, too. I am now seeing all the other riders who are active no matter if I am just riding in training mode or during an event.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the details. I’m not sure this is the answer for me. As I’ve had 50/50 success, sometimes I join an event just fine, and others I just don’t get the call.

I think it’s a Zwift bug

@Matthew_Rollinson: Do you always enter the event the same way (ie companion app or in game or from Zwift events website)

It happened to me once (1 out of 167) and that was due to a internet dropout, I had to shut down and restart Zwift and re enter the event.

I am not saying it is the same for you but it is something to look out for.

I have always entered using the desktop applciation (Windows). I will try tonight using the CA app

I have same problems starting from ZC or PC shave set the reminder but nothing comes up, sometimes have to shut down game re establish connection then i will see Join event usually just in time to start. If you set a reminder should it pop up and take you off another map you are riding and take to event?

Hi same problem spinning away but not moving. When left group also and going back to new York I can see ride action but no communication with smart trainer so riding flat all the time

If I join by companion app i have never seen a reminder?

HI @Eric_Coupe, when you enter (sign up) for a event on the CP (companion app) you will get a reminder on the companion app while it is open and on the map screen while riding. If you enable notifications you should also get it on your phone.

While riding around warming up you should see the join event about 15min before the event, if it is not there 10 min before the event I would suggest restarting Zwift and see if it get resolved.

I will also suggest that you check your time and timezone on your zwift computer, if that is set differently then you will miss your event.

I had a situation once where i did not get the join event button when logging-in about 10 minutes before the event. Using the companion app I unjoined and then rejoined the event. The “Join Event” button then immediately popped up.

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