Sign up for races, but I can’t get a start!

New to Zwift. First race went off without a hitch: sines on, races, got beat. All good.
Now I want to do more races. Sign up, select grade, can see the countdown BUT…I’m not seeing myself at the start line warming up. Time passes for start: I can’t race. I tried again on a different race. Nope. Whilst it shows that I’m in and I get the countdown, I never get to ride. What am I missing?

The UI is not intuitive. Did you click ‘Ride’ and then ‘Join Event’?

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You need to be riding in any map to see the lats go button. You can’t go to a race from the start screen.

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Hmmm this sounds strange. Let me try and get back to you

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So, actually doing a ride means you can’t see events to compete in later, as far as I can see? When selecting a race, I can’t see a let’s go button option, either.

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Right. You can select a race from the start screen, but you have to start a free ride before you get the ‘Join Event’ button. Strange, but true.

I think Zwift assumes EVERYONE will do a warm up ride before they race. During the warmup you then at some point get the blue ‘Join event?’ button. With bigger races the start pen gets very full, meaning you can be way back when race begins, so I tend to join when blue button first appears which is at 30 minutes before start time.

You can also warm up in the start pen. You need to start Zwift and do your pairing if necessary, then in any world hit orange RIDE. Then as long as within 30 minutes of start time you get blue join event button. Click this and your put in start pen. Turn pedals and you get a virtual turbo trainer under your bike, and your cadence, heart rate and power shows top left.

And if you’re planning to warm up in the starting pen (so that you get a good starting placement), why would Zwift assume that you’re naturally going to want to do a free ride first?

Not being able to join an event from the start screen is just bad UI design. There’s no way to justify it.

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Yes, this is a weird set up that Zwift did. I should just be able to choose a race, and with in the time that race opens to let people sit at the start line, just let me join it, vs having to go to a free ride just so i can now get pulled into the event.

Designed by developers…

It looks like you’ve all got me sorted, thank you! Case closed: I can race again!

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