Need help entering first race

Hi everyone. So after about a month and a half using Zwift I decided to try a race (D class of course). I went on the companion app and clicked the + button for the race I wanted to do (Trofeo Bologna Race). I received the notification that there was 30 minutes until race time so I signed on the Zwift app and went to the main screen, but then nothing happened. I didn’t see anywhere to click to enter the race. I watched numerous videos online but they all just say sign up and then they’re in the race. Any idea as to why I wasn’t able to get to the race screen?


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Look like you only missed one step, after logging in to Zwift, pick any world and just start riding once it get to 30 min before the event you should see a join event button in the lower left, you can still ride but at about 5 minutes to go you should click it and you will be transported to the starting pen.


Another example of excellent UI design! :clap::clap::clap:

Ok, thank you! Excited to try the racing.

You can say that again. I am in the game but I cannot join a race until I do a free ride? Have they played any games in their lives…

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I would think this is because most people is already riding to warm-up before the race start.

It is convenient that I have the functionality to join a race from a free ride but why can’t I join a ride from the main display? If I have a few min available and I join a race I always have to first go and “do” a free ride before I can join the race. Just seems like an unnecessary step.

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Some of us join as early as possible to get a good starting position and warm up in the starting pen.

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