How do I meet my race?

I have signed up for a race innsbruckring flats but don’t know where to actually go once I log in on my bike

Hi @Carl_Pugh, welcome to the forums!

When you sign up for an event all you need to do is start up Zwift and spawn into any of the available worlds, on any course, it doesn’t matter. Once you are in the game and riding in one of the worlds, a “JOIN” button will appear in the bottom left of the screen. Eventually you will automatically be sent to the pens where you wait for the race to start if you don’t hit the join button.

The join button should appear as much as 30 minutes before the race, so you can log in and get in a warmup before the race, then hit the join button and be transported to the pens. I would suggest logging in at least 10 minutes before the race to ensure everything is good and working.

Have fun!


Thanks so very much! I’m new to Zwift and I could not find this critical detail anywhere. Missed my first race as a result. Once I knew what and where to look it was easy.