Full network and firewall requirements?

What are the full network and firewall requirements for the Zwift game application (Win/Mac) on one hand and the Zwift Mobile Link (iOS/Android) on the other hand?

What is the full list of protocols and ports, outbound and inbound, that need to be open?

Are there then any additional requirements for the game application and mobile apps to be able to link together (other than being on the same network)?

Check these out:



Can I ask why you need the ports, are you having issues getting the Zwift app and the Zwift Mobile Link to connect?

I had already found the first post, but it only mentioned UDP/3022 for the rider list, presumably there are more? At least there is TCP/80 and TCP/443, but is the list then complete?

As for the Mobile Link app, it’s perhaps more complicated since in addition to ports possibly being blocked then the APs might also block broadcasts and P2P and other things the mobile app needs.

This is of course normally all open and unblocked on private/home network, but I need this list for a wireless guest network on a corporate network, on which the network admins don’t like to just “open everything”.

I can confirm that all the ports listed in those links and here are the ones that matter.

  • TCP/80, TCP/443, TCP/21587
  • UDP/3022
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Understood. You will get a faster response by putting in a ticket: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

If your computer and phone are on the guest network of the wireless then the network admins should have a vlan setup so the guest network doesn’t have access to anything on the corporate network. The guest network should just have access to the internet and nothing on the lan side of thing so why can’t they allow all just within the guest wireless? I can see locking down the corporate wireless, but not the guest (encrypting it would be a must though).

BTW, I am a network admin and have my wireless setup with vlans with the corp locked down, but the wireless open to just the internet no access to the lan.

so why can’t they allow all just within the guest wireless? I can see locking down the corporate wireless, but not the guest

Don’t know; they have it the other way around: The corp wireless has full internal and external access. The guest wireless has no internal access and limited external access.

Thanks for confirming the ports. :slight_smile: