Document required ports used by Zwift

Was alone yesterday in Zwift, didn’t do too much because I was doing a workout. Today I was going to ride ZSUN social ride. It was empty again. Had to fire up tcpdump to see that Zwift had a requirement for a new tcp port: 3023. Why can’t Zwift document this? Not everyone has a firewall that is open. So I missed the social ride.

So I have tcp 80, 443, 3023, 21587 and udp 3022 open for Zwift. I’m not sure that is all ports required, I did see others today. I ask that Zwift document required ports and notify when adding new ports.

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Yes, i’ve read that, it is new port requirement since last week, tcp 3023. I wish Zwift documented this. A user should not have to use tcpdump to find out which ports is used.

Doesn’t seem to be a “since last week” thing :man_shrugging:

Glad I stumbled across this post, i was about to do a monitor on my pfsense firewall and a wireshark dump on my PC. I have my wireless network fairly well locked down for outbound ports and countries.

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