Network informations to allow Zwift - Technical IT

Hello all,

I am working for Decathlon Digital as a network team Engineer.
Some of our resources are using Zwift on their corporate laptop that are using proxy servers and so network restrictions are applied.
We would like to allow the application to be used through it.
For the moment, the connexion to the menu is okay but once in game, we can’t see any other riders and events won’t start.
We might have to open flows on needed ports and your IP ranges. I did not find any flow matrix giving such an information.

Could you please bring me in touch with your technical IT network teams please ?

Thanks in advance & ride on,

There are some ports mentioned in this document. I suspect that some of their advice about inbound access is not correct and isn’t needed.

Many thanks for this link.
I see there are mentioned ports we saw in our proxy logs so I guess we’ll have to allow flows according to this documentation but we would also need to get the IP ranges in order to avoid extra-permissive rules (security first).

We should not allow these ports to any targets.

Thanks in advance for helping me if someone can find an answer.

I don’t think they publish IP ranges. I’m not sure how often they change, but they’re currently hosting only in AWS us-west-2.